Department of Roganidana

The Department of Roganidana focuses on the systematic study of the diagnosis of diseases in Ayurveda, incorporating modern knowledge and equipments(including xrays, ECG etc). The department is well equipped with a Clinical Laboratory, functioning for the patients of the college hospital. For training the BAMS students, separate students’ lab is also functioning under the department.


  1. To develop as a full-fledged department with a smart and updated diagnostic setup incorporating both ayurvedic and modern systems of medicine.
  2. To impart training to all BAMS students in theory, practical and clinical classes of RogaNidana.

Facilities of the department

The department is functioning with enough space stipulated by NCISM (CCIM) with well-furnished staff room for teaching staff. It is also having clinical class room with sufficient seating capacity where clinical case discussions with the students can be carried out. Other facilities of department include

Hospital Laboratory

The well-equipped hospital laboratory is functioning under the department where the samples from the patients are collected and the laboratory investigations are carried out.

Students’ laboratory

Department have a well-equipped students laboratory, where the practical training of the students is given. Training on the pathological investigations of hematology, biochemistry, serology etc. are given in the students’ lab.


The department is having its own library containing books for reference including both Modern and Ayurveda