Agadatantra is one amongst the eight clinical branches of Ayurveda which deals with the identification, diagnosis, treatment of various poisons such as sarpa (snakes), lutha(spider), keeta(insects), mooshika (rats) etc. Also other poisonous substance like samyoga visha (gara- cumulative toxicity), dushi visha (latent poison) etc).This department also focuses to teach forensic medicine (application of medical knowledge to low) and medical jurisprudence (legal responsibilities of physician )

Our department is functioning with enough space with well furnished staff room,library and museum. And an OPD is functioning in hospital.The Agadatantra department seeks to provide excellent theory ,clinical and practical education.

In current era by various researches shows that about 90% of human diseases are due to cumulative toxicity. Cumulative toxicity deals with accumulation of poison in the  body through consumption of incompatible food, junk food and unhealthy food.Hence Agadatantra is highly relevent today by providing various remedies for cumulative toxicity and various toxicological conditions.

So our vision is to provide better management against cumulative toxicity and training the scholars to teach Ayurveda toxicology and legal responsibilites of physician.