Samhita –Siddhanta department is the most important department of Ayurveda. This department deals with the study of basic principles of Ayurveda which are described in classical treatise i.e. Ayurveda Samhitas. Samhitas are basically written in Sanskrit hence for better understanding of samhita, Sanskrit is taught as a subject. Department also teaches research methodology which is most important for research in Ayurveda. This department connects to all 4 main examination of B.A.M.S course with subjects i.e. Sanskrit, Padartha vijnana& Ayurveda Itihas, Maulik Siddhanta evam Ashtanga Hridaya,Charak Samhita Purvardha & Uttarardha and research methodology. These subjects are base of Ayurveda. All the Important knowledge regarding samhitas are given by Samhita- Siddhanta department.